Escondido Pool Opening

Contact Island Breeze Pool & Spa before the seasonal rush to have your pool in the Escondido ready for a season of fun in the sun.  Sit back and relax and allow our pool maintenance specialists to handle every aspect of opening your in-ground or above–ground residential pool, or choose only the services you need from standard start-up, to a complete deluxe pool opening carried out by qualified and experienced staff.

Standard pool opening services include:

  • Removal of leaves,debris and pool cover
  • Pump, filter, heater and additional equipment assembly.
  • Pool water analysis and shock treatment

Include Optional Services With a Standard Pool Opening

Island Breeze Pool & Spa technicians balance chemicals, provide complete or partial pool cleaning and vacuum pools at pool opening or throughout the season.  Our efficient technicians are available anytime for regular pool maintenance and to repair or replace any equipment.  Whether you require specialized expertise and products for a salt water system, or have concerns about the eco-friendly disposal of the waste water in your pool, consult with the Escondido pool experts for qualified advice, exceptional products and a range of pool services that can be customized to your specific type of pool and its unique requirements.

Removing the Pool Cover

Opening a pool after several months can be exciting and filled with anticipation. Avoid delays and extra expense with services from professionals who guarantee to get the season off to a great start. Island Breeze Pool & Spa staff starts the process by carefully cleaning off the surface of your pool cover and making sure that any leaves or debris do not end up inside the pool while the cover is being removed.  Since accumulated snow or rain may have mixed in with decomposing plant debris, our trained technicians use the best commercial grade equipment to pump out collected waste and stagnant water prior to the cover’s removal to protect your pool from mold and mildew contamination. 

Re-installing and Setting up Pool Equipment 

Fittings that were removed while a pool was closed are dried out, refitted and capped. Treatments that were applied to protect your pool during closing are cleaned off and all equipment is thoroughly inspected to ensure safety and smooth functioning. The pump and filter are reinstalled and the pool is set up for refilling once the skimmer line has been flushed and all filter plugs installed.

Filling Your Pool

Checking for leaks and other malfunctions once your pool is filled is an important safety step. Contact Island Breeze Pool & Spa to report leaks or cracks and any problems with the pressure gauge following basic pool opening services.

Balancing Pool Chemicals

Proper balancing of the chemicals before using your pool is one of the most crucial steps of a pool opening. Pools must be initially “shocked” after opening followed by water testing to adjust and attain appropriate pH and alkalinity levels. 

Contact Us

Whether you require partial or complete services for pool openings in Escondido, Island Breeze Pool & Spa technicians offer qualified advice, exceptional products and a range of service options to ensure your pool opening is the beginning of an enjoyable season.   Contact our friendly staff to schedule an appointment and for answers to any questions you may have.