San Diego Sales and Accessories

Island Breeze Pool & Spa is a reputable full-service pool outlet offering above-ground and in- ground pool installations that are precisely tailored to your needs and budget. Our licensed and fully trained technicians provide a full range of pool services in addition to offering helpful recommendations on a range of top-quality pool products available for all pool sizes and types. Visit our San Diego location to find brand name pool equipment and accessories and to discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly and qualified staff of pool professionals.

Pool Filters

For fresh and clean pools that ensure safe swimming all season long, we offer filter systems for above-ground pools that include:

Dichotomous Earth (DE) Pool Filters

These filters offer clean and completely bacteria-free filtering capacity that keep pools sparkling and eco-friendly. Choose from our selection of brand name DE filter systems including Hayward and Pentair.

Cartridge Filer Systems

Similar to the filter in your vehicle, a pool cartridge filtering system is convenient and easy to maintain requiring a simple filter change each season. Keep filters clean in between changes with specialty cleaners. Ask a Island Breeze Pool & Spa pool expert for information and assistance on the most suitable filter cartridges for your San Diego pool.

Sand Filter Systems

These systems are a dependable filtering alternative that is cost-effective and easy to maintain. Discuss maintenance requirements with a Island Breeze Pool & Spa pool pro for best results.

Pool Heaters

Swim in comfort and warmth beyond the regular pool season with brand name pool heaters customized according to your preferred energy source.

Our selection of natural gas and propane pool heaters include a range of options available for any size pool. Compare prices with our electric brand name heaters to find the most cost efficient method for heating your pool in San Diego

Streamlined and efficient, electric heat pumps do not require fuel line installation and are an increasingly popular choice for many pool owners. Learn more about the most important factors to consider when choosing a heater for your pool by consulting with our experienced pool equipment specialists.

Solar Panel Heating Systems

Our most eco-friendly option, solar pool heaters attract heat from the sun making it the most cost-effective pool heating method in the long-run.

Other Pool Accessories

Automatic Cleaners

Keeping your pool clean can be as easy as adding the cleaner, attaching the hose or plug and letting the automatic pool cleaner do the rest! Ask about the latest robotic cleaners for even more pool cleaning convenience.

Pool Lights

Select from our colorful collection of assorted pool lighting arrangements to create any mood you choose for your San Diego pool. 

Chlorinators and Salt Generators

Choose a salt system generator and never worry about measuring the proper amount of chlorine again for in-ground or above-ground pools.

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Consult with Island Breeze Pool & Spa experts for pool equipment and solutions on any pool part or product including skimmers, filter cartridges, pool motors and plumbing, hoses, fitting and fencing, and much more! Visit or call our San Diego location for a free consultation and for answers to any questions you may have.