San Marcos Pool Closing

Why struggle with all the technical aspects of closing your pool in San Marcos when Island Breeze Pool & Spa pool experts are available to do the work for you at reasonable rates? Protect your investment and make sure it is safe the next time you open it with the expertise of our trained staff. Designed to ensure that your pool provides you with years of enjoyment, our standard pool closing services include:

  • Lowering the water level several inches below skimmer level.
  • Application of the final protective closing chemicals.
  • Fitting and piping removal.
  • Filter disassembly.
  • Accessory removal and storage.

Optional Pool Closing Services: Let Our Pool Experts Do the Work for You! 

Island Breeze Pool & Spa recommends vacuuming your pool and removing all debris prior to equipment disassembly and the installation of a pool cover.  Whether you require partial pool closing services or an experienced team to handle the details from start to finish, our dedicated technicians offer a range of services that include a thorough cleaning of your pool and its filtration system components; the disconnection and blowing out of all piping; and the efficient cleaning and preparation of all accessories for storage.  Optional cleaning and extra closing services are always customized according to your specific needs and offered at reasonable rates. 

Pool Closing Tips

Balancing Chemicals Prior to Closing

A pool that is clean at closing time means that pool opening is easier the following season.  Ideally, San Marcos pools are closed and winterized as late in the season as possible, but prior to the first frost. Our pool experts recommend that water is tested and balanced at pool closing time to remove all traces of algae. pH levels should range between 7.2 and 7.6 and alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm. Calcium hardness should range between 180 and 200 ppm. Friendly and knowledgeable Island Breeze Pool & Spa staff provides valuable advice for choosing the best products to achieve optimal results and are available for consultation and assistance at pool closing and year round. 

How Temperature Changes Affect Pool Closing

Pool professionals recommend closing a pool in stages as temperatures begin to gradually drop. Unpredictable weather patterns in recent years include longer periods of warmer weather that require pool water to be checked more frequently as the colder weather slowly sets in. Lowering the phosphate level in your pool helps to limit persistent algae problems and improves the re-opening process for the next season. Ask Island Breeze Pool & Spa technicians for assistance on stretching out the pool season for as long as possible and for tips on lengthening the lifespan of your pool and its systems and equipment. Closing a pool is made simpler and more effective with professional maintenance while it is open.

While Your Pool is Closed…

Check your pool cover periodically during the off-season to make sure it is secure. Reset the cover if it is loose to prevent damage. Remove accumulated rain water and debris periodically and check water levels that may indicate a slow leak in the liner. Consult Island Breeze Pool & Spa experts during pool closing time and year-round for reliable expertise and assistance