San Marcos Pool Opening

Opening your pool for the season in San Marcos requires more than just turning on your garden hose and filling it up. Island Breeze Pool & Spa pool maintenance experts are equipped to get any in-ground or above-ground pool ready for a relaxing and enjoyable season with basic services that include:

  • Leaves and debris removal
  • Pool cover removal
  • Accessory and equipment installation
  • Filtration system start up
  • Shock treatment

Complete Pool Opening Services 

Open your pool without lifting a finger! Let our experienced technicians do all the work with a complete range of services that include fully emptying your pool and scrubbing it down with an acid wash cleaning. Ask about our reasonable rates for pool vacuuming, pressure testing and effective treatments for algae and mold. Island Breeze Pool & Spa also provides regular pool maintenance services on a timetable that suits your specific needs.

Trusted Brand Name Pool Products

In addition to years of pool opening and maintenance experience in the San Marcos area, Island Breeze Pool & Spa also offers a wide selection of top-quality brand name products and equipment that make pool season fun, relaxing and stress-free.

Advice From the Experts

Opening your backyard swimming pool for the season involves some expertise for health as well as safety.  Pool owners can benefit from helpful tips from Island Breeze Pool & Spa technicians. 

Removing the Pool Cover

 Although completely draining a pool may seem like the most logical thing to do, an above-ground pool can lift right off the ground without the weight of water to hold it down. Removing the pool cover involves the careful handling of all leaves and debris to avoid contaminating the inside of the pool before cleaning and filling it. Our San Marcos pool experts are qualified to safely set-up your pool, test water and balance chemicals.  

Installing and Cleaning Pool Equipment

A cleaning and reassembly procedure for filters and accompanying parts depends on the type of filter system connected to your pool. Island Breeze Pool & Spa technicians are experienced with a range of filtration types including standard sand and cartridge filters. All filter parts, basket tubing and plugs are cleaned and reinstalled by our qualified staff upon request. 

Balancing Chemicals Correctly in Your Pool  

Once set-up is complete, your pool water must be tested to check pH, alkaline and chlorine levels. Even after balancing the chemicals, a pool is not necessarily “swim ready” until the water is clear enough to see through to the bottom of the pool. Island Breeze Pool & Spa specialists provide the proper range of recommendations and assist you with choosing the best products to adjust and balance pool chemicals accordingly. Contact our technicians for a final water analysis and for any required pool maintenance and inspection.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Once your San Marcos pool is open, ensure that your pool remains safe all season long with regular maintenance that includes weekly vacuuming, daily chemical testing and filter cleaning.  We are here to help!

Contact Us

Choosing a professional pool opening is the best way to ensure that all of your pool systems function properly and that chemicals are properly balanced. Contact Island Breeze Pool & Spa to book an appointment before the seasonal rush.