San Marcos Sales and Accessories

Dedicated to creating the backyard swimming sanctuary that you’ve always dreamed about, Island Breeze Pool & Spa provides superior quality pools and pool services along with a complete line of equipment installed by our team of experienced pool technicians. Whether you are looking for an above-ground or in-ground pool in any shape or size or a special accessory to enhance swimming fun, contact our San Marcos pool experts to discuss your plans and bring your ideas to life.

Proven Expertise

From the first consultation to the professional installation, our dedicated staff works closely with clients and offers qualified recommendations on a variety of products including pool chemicals, pumps, filters, automatic chlorinators, pool vacuums, pool liners, cartridges, pool heaters and much more!

Pool Equipment

Pool Liners

Island Breeze Pool & Spa offers top-quality brand name liners for either above- ground or in-ground pools manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl and installed with a full warranty. Equipped with algae inhibitors, UV protection and sanitizers to ensure a longer lifespan, choose from an array of pool liner patterns and styles for a refreshing new look!

Pool Pumps

Essential to maintaining safe and clean water, your pool pump should efficiently drive water through the filtration, sanitation and heating systems and return it back to the pool for safe, clean and pleasant swimming fun.  Island Breeze Pool & Spa pool pros provide assistance for choosing the most suitable pump from among our line of trusted brand name pump models. 

Pool Heaters

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, enhance comfort and extend the pool season with the right pool heater that can be customized according to your budget and energy preference. Choose from natural gas, propane, solar or electric heaters adapted to your pool type. 

Sand Filters

Easy maintenance sand filters are the most popular type of filtration system designed to trap particles and debris as it is flushed through the sand. Pool owners must remember to regularly backwash a sand filter to keep it clean and functioning properly. 

Cartridge Filter

Offering superior filtration power and ultimate convenience, cartridge filters are easy to clean and are replaced with minimal mess and effort. Browse through our large selection of replacement cartridges available at our San Marcos location. 

Salt Water Systems

Salt water systems eliminate the need for harsh chemicals to keep pools clean that save time and money in the long-run. Ideal for those who may be sensitive to chlorine, many swimmers report significantly reduced eye and skin irritation after swimming in a salt water pool. 

Pool Ladders and Steps 

The right equipment facilitates ease of pool entry and exit and are an important safety feature for young children and those with limited mobility. Pair your equipment selection with added safety accessories from our wide selection available at our convenient San Marcos location.

Additional pool accessories include:

  • Vacuum equipment
  • Pool lighting
  • Pool skimmers
  • Pool slides
  • Pool fencing
  • Diving boards and bases
  • Pool maintenance kits
  • Pool chemical products
  • Dispensers
  • Pool plumbing and fittings
  • Pool coping
  • Pool fountains
  • Accessibility equipment
  • Safety accessories
  • …and much more!

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Contact a Island Breeze Pool & Spa representative for professional advice on any pool product and for information on any of our pool services.